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Ca’ is short for “Casa”: home. Located at the top of the Rabają hill – Barbaresco’s historical cru.

Since 1980, the winery of Romano Marengo is home to classic red wine-making and the very finest quality. His son Giuseppe works in winery as an oenologist and his daughter Paola in public relations. Romano personally styles the range, averaging yearly 30.000 bottles.
The vineyards’ total surface is a little over 12 acres (5 hectares), partly located at Barbaresco, partly at Serralunga d’Alba, in Barolo territory.

The Ca’ Rome’ range comprises three wines from the Serralunga cru: the Barolo “Rapet” Gold Label, the Barolo “Ceretta”, and the La Gamberaja Barbera d’Alba. The vineyards’ hillside terrain is marly, calcareous – clayey and compact, bluish-white in color, impermeable to water; conducive to full-bodied, big wines, with an extremely long cellar life.
The wines from Barbaresco are Barbaresco, Barbaresco”Maria di Brun”, and Barbaresco “Rio Sordo”. Soil is compact, clayey-calcareous, white in color; yielding wines with impressive structure, body and cellar life – and at the same time, exquisitely feminine in style, exhibiting hallmark elegance and balance.

Frizzante has in selection at present 2 Barolos, Barolo “Rapet” Gold Label, the Barolo “Ceretta”, and of course the flagship wine of the cellar, which is without doubt Barbaresco “Maria di Brün”. Maria di Brün is a selection of the best nebbiolo grapes that is bottled only in great years. And it is very special wine, devoted to Romano ´s mother, Maria di Brün. She was the woman who first taught Romano to make quality a rule, in life and in wines.